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Our Story

Lucia Marinelli was born and raised in Milan to mom Iolanda and dad Leonardo. Her mom, an Apulian chef, taught her through the Sunday lunch ritual every kind of delicacy, from handmade pasta to the classic ragù cooked for hours in a pot. She was the first to import the recipe for true Italian lasagna into Miami, the same typical Italian dish that she cooked with her mother every Sunday.

Juan Penaloza was born and raised in Venezuela. He lived with his grandmother Anna Vittoria, who spoiled him with a "cooking sound" and transmitted his love for the culinary art. At the university he studied gastronomy and catering, learning to cook recipes from all over the world.

The two chefs met at the Centrale. Lucia worked as a Pasta Maker and Juan as a Pizza Maker. The love for family traditions, cuisine and Italian history led them to the Made in Italy project ".

We could continue to tell their story for hours, but when the classic dishes become legendary, the description of their craftsmen becomes superfluous since it is all there, in their culinary productions. And their strength lies in the use of only original recipes.


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